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Painting Contractor Prep Work

If you’re a DIYer thinking about hiring a painting contractor, then you’ll need to know that there’s work that must be done before the painters can begin their job. While some of it may be completed by you and other tasks can be handled by your hired hand, it is important for both of you to understand what needs to take place before the actual painting process begins.


Always remember that paint will not adhere well to surfaces that are dirty or dusty – nor will it adhere well to surfaces where oil has been applied. Some house painters suggest washing exterior walls with soap and water if they look grimy or greasy; however, this should only be done after preparing all other areas so as not to waste time and money on cleaning the wall.Painting Contractor Springfield


Before the painters begin applying paint, it is critical to remove or cover any items which may be in their way. Furniture, pets, children, and other things should be removed from the work area before the painting process can begin. If you’re hiring painters for commercial purposes then it’s important that workers are moved out of the area during prep work as well.


Once all objects have been removed or covered properly, cleanliness can be tackled next. Remove cobwebs with a broom and dust surfaces down with a rag soaked in water/vinegar solution (if there is excessive dust). After cleaning both interior and exterior surfaces, allow them to dry completely before moving onto your primer coat. Here are some excellent tips on how to get the prep work done like a painting contractor.


Prep Work Tips

  • Exterior surfaces must be free of oil or residue so the paint will adhere well. Wash surfaces if necessary.
  • Thoroughly clean walls with soap and water solution to get rid of dirt, dust, cobwebs, etc. Allow time to dry before the primer coat is applied.
  • Cover furniture, plants, kids’ toys, and pets before painting begins to prevent accidents.
  • Remove ladders from the work area early in the day or hire additional help for large jobs which require more than one worker at a time.